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What is a writing coach?

A writing coach is a collaborative partner that helps you through the various stages of writing a book. Unlike a ghostwriter or editor, we don't create content or polish your book's rough draft. Rather, we're more like a guide helping you through the various stages of drafting a book. 

Think of it like a life coach, but for writing

What Do You Do?


As a writing coach, I work 1:1 with clients to help them work through challenges and achieve milestones. For example, I may:

  • Meet 1:1 over video call to talk through your story idea and draft a clear outline for your book

  • Conduct a live character development session where we build your character's appearance and backstory (including physical character sketches for reference)

  • Identify pain points causing your writer's block and develop a plan to break through that wall

  • Review rough drafts and provide feedback on your storyline, character development, and plot

  • Establish clear milestones and stages for your book from ideation to publication

  • Provide advice and resources for book manuscripts, self-publishing, cover illustration, beta readers, marketing, and more...

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