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Endorsements and Testimonials

"When I need positive, but honest feedback on something I'm working on, Elli is the first person I turn to. I find her an invaluable asset when I need another set of eyes on anything I'm editing. Her skills in writing, editing, and management are a huge asset." - Carrie Black, Senior Editor, Gartner

“Elizabeth is a kickass writer that takes whatever assignment you give her and knocks it out of the park. She knows SEO and has consistently delivered blogs and web content that ranks in search engines. Whether you’re a business or agency, I highly recommend her services. She’ll exceed your expectations.

–  Nelson Alvarez, Web Developer

“I have enlisted Ms. Carlton’s expert copywriting services for several projects, including blogs, newsletters, web content, and content for print materials. Each time the results exceeded my expectations. Not only does Elizabeth deliver exceptional copy but she is also pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her for any copywriting needs.”

–  Christopher Carey, CEO and Founder of Luzerne County Chamber

“Elizabeth is a fantastic creator of verbal vision. She takes any subject, researches it, and creates an article that is “spot on” for content and detail. She has produced literary masterpieces for me in the past. Her blogging was always read by our entire staff. I know this from the comments I would receive.”

– Bruce Peterson, Broker

“I was so fortunate to have Elizabeth Carlton on the writing staff for AMP and Hails and Horns Magazine. She always adhered to the deadlines and turned in flawlessly edited interviews that were engaging to read. She was one of the contributors that I gave first pick of articles to because she steered away from generic Q and A’s and researched her subjects, giving each piece a distinctive angle that set it apart. I always looked forward to her finished products coming across my desk.”
– Lisa Root, Former AMP and Hails and Horns Editor | Founder and Owner of New Noise Magazine


"I worked with Elizabeth when she was a Copywriter and Content Strategist at iPartnerMedia's U.S. branch and she made the work look so easy. Her understanding of content strategy, SEO, crafting engaging copy and making a campaign 'sing' with her writing skills was a joy to behold. Since then, I have loved watching her work as a Freelance Writer, Author and Editor develop and deepen. She is sharp with her words, creative and has a way of connecting with the reader right away. I can't wait to work with Elizabeth again!"

–Megan Bunting-Fox, Voice Talent, Copywriter & Social Media Strategist, Tevao Creative

“Elizabeth Carlton is a mature young writer with an eye for detail and a heart for understanding. She is passionate about her writing, creative in her approach, and factual in her presentation.”
– Ken Fortenberry, Former Owner/Editor of News @ Norman

“I contacted Elizabeth to do writing workshops for my high school English students, specifically in narrative writing. Her insight into different writing strategies to help them get past writer’s block, conveying inferred meanings, and using the correct voice allowed them to create stories that not only inspired some to continue writing and expanding their story after the assignment, but also bolstered their confidence in writing.”

–  Bernard Pinero, AP World History Teacher, Clewiston High School

“Working with Elizabeth is an eye-opening experience! The way she transforms thoughts and ideas into tangible, enticing content is truly a work of art. I have grown professionally and personally, just by working beside her.”
– Rachel Perez, Former Social Media Strategist and Copywriter at iPartnerMedia

“Five-star article!”

– Brenton Wickam, CEO of Vimchat. Client for Copywriting Services

“Excellent job! Fast delivery and professional work.”
— Rainie Howard, Author, Client for Copywriting Services

“Hiring an unknown person is always a risk… and it feels so good when at the end you verify that your risk was well paid off! Elli is a professional copywriter, dedicated, focused, and ethical, so I highly recommend her. I will certainly keep her in mind for my future copywriting projects.”
– Traduvo, Commercial Client for Copywriting Services

“Constructive feedback and excellent critique. My text retained my voice but it flows so much better… A first-rate edit. [Elli] gives valuable writing tips in her comments and it’s clear that she has a passion for what she does. I keep coming back. Highly recommended, indeed!”
– Dan, Client for Editing Services

“Absolutely phenomenal! She brings the muscle to your work.”

– Jess, Client for Editing Services

“She was excellent! She took what I had and improved it ten times over.”

– Kevin, Client for Editing Services

“I like Elli. She just gets it.”

— Melia, Client for Editing Services

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