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This App Just Became My Favorite Storyboarding Tool

Updated: May 17, 2023

I wasn’t searching for a storyboarding tool. At the time that I discovered this useful gem, I was simply researching a replacement for the Windows-based Sticky Notes app that I'd come to rely on over the years.

However, when I test-drove this new, free-to-use tool, it opened up a fresh playground for my imagination. As I began testing out its features, a realization struck me: this was the storyboarding tool my little fiction-writing heart has been yearning for.

The tool is called Note Board, and it’s a free-to-download app for your Chrome browser.

What’s so great about Note Board?

While this extension has a few pay-to-play features, the free platform has more than enough free tools to feed the visual thinker’s appetite, including:

Color codable sticky notes. These sticky notes have robust capabilities:

  • Formatting options (headlines, lists, etc).

  • A gradient color palette offering limitless color coding options

  • The ability to attach files and images to individual notes

  • A linking feature that groups separate notes together using linking arrows (see “Acts” notes in the screenshot below)

  • A pop-up feature you can add to individual notes

  • Scheduled reminders/deadlines

Multiple tabs so you can organize separate boards for individual projects.

Customizable backgrounds that can help set your storyboard’s mood.

A share feature so you can get feedback from friends and collaborators.

A search button to easily find the note you’re looking for.

Stickers to optimize visual ideation.

The ability to upload photos directly to your board.

Below is a screenshot of one of my storyboarding tabs (certain details have been redacted to preserve current works-in-progress), which demonstrates a bare-bones display of some of these capabilities, including tabs, color-coded sticky notes, the linking feature, and a photo upload of a character sketch of mine that I use for reference and inspiration.

For me, Note Board has proven to be the perfect tool; a one-stop-shop for my character sheets, synopsis, book outline, cut scenes, character references and sketches, and more.

Are you going to give it a try? If so, let me know what you think of it!

Have a storyboarding tool you already use and love? Tell me about it!

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